Student Work Gallery

The FINA Department takes great pride in the work of our students. Each of our program areas builds quality of life issues into curricula and student outcomes address them in myriad ways. From the creation of nutrient-dense recipes that are conducive to health and well-being, the design of garments that are created specifically for the disabled, the design of interior space that addresses accessibility needs for wheelchair users and to essays that address issues that impact today’s families, our students’ work invokes new and diverse thought processes that build on knowledge and practice. We hope you enjoy this gallery. 

Apparel Design Illustration, Library Window Display, and Runway 2023 Photos.

Senior Thesis Project Designs for a Grammar School with Focus on Learning and Playing

Homeless Shelter Designs for 40 adults in San Francisco that provides privacy and dignity for its residents for ID 645 Advanced Interior Design Solutions course in Spring 2022.

Food components and their interactions. Chemical and physical principles applied to foods. Recipe testing and formulation. Developments of experimental attitudes and techniques applicable to food science. 

Dr. Zubaida lab and research group which will focus on student assistances.