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I graduated with an MA in Interior Design from San Francisco State University in 1987 and earned a Doctors of Philosophy in Higher Education at Northern California Graduate University. My dissertation had an emphasis in environmental design and focused on the correlation between aesthetics and human well-being. Traveling between San Francisco State University, CFS/D and the School of Architecture, Montana State University, I go back and forth, semester to semester, as a "snowbird" and have taught interior design at SFSU for 15 years. I have practiced interior design for over 25 years.

          I am current co-writing a book on living in small dwellings. I believe that by simplifying one's life intelligently and by applying principles of design and planning, one can actually live a richer and more satisfying life in small spaces. With first-hand experience, I have designed and presently live in a 600 square foot cottage surrounded by oak trees in the Napa Valley.