Sherria Taylor, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Academic Program Review Committee Member - National Council on Family Relations
Board Member – Family Life Coaching Association

Contact Information

Office Information: 

Burk Hall 328
Office Hours: 
Wednesday: 14:00-18:00


 Both my academic and professional pursuits have always led me to collaborative efforts that promote the empowerment of marginalized and disenfranchised communities. My research has emerged in three strands: (a) determinants of family/community resilience among impoverished, ethnic minorities, (b) social justice-informed pedagogy and curriculum development, and (c) program and resource development in communities of color. My research agenda has significant implications for therapeutic interventions, family life education, family research, and curriculum development aimed at strengthening underprivileged students, families, and communities as my work encourages family scientists to develop interventions and research outside of their professional and academic silos. In addition to my research (which I call my “Love Work”), what gives me the greatest joy & fulfillment are my experiences with my students. Teaching and mentoring passionate and motivated students who want to obtain greater knowledge in order to improve the lives of youth, families, and communities is why I am here at SFSU. The courses I currently teach are: CFS 320- Children and Families, CFS 321- Adolescents and Families, CFS 325- Family Transitions through the Life Cycle, CFS 428- Families with Violence, Abuse, & Neglect, and CFS-430- Management Dynamics: Life Goals & Decisions.

          Outside of work, I am a foodie and I love flea markets and art fairs, listening to live music, attending poetry slams and open mic nights, and hanging out with my squad.  Being new to the Bay Area, I have a lot to learn and discover, and I’m looking forward to it!