Rachel Zemser


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Zoom link: https://sfsu.zoom.us/j/88332444696?pwd=QU80NkVzcGROVVQ5OGNCOHZlSDdzQT09
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Thursday: 18:15-19:15


I have been a food scientist for as long as I can remember! I received both my BS and MS in food science and then went on to get a Culinary Arts degree. I am both a certified food scientist through the IFT (institute of food technologists) and a certified “Culinologist” through the Research Chefs Association. I have worked for several large food companies including Dannon Yogurt, Kraft Foods and Unilever but have been an independent consultant in the bay area for the past 11 years. My role as a consultant involves helping entrepreneurs understand the ins and outs of the food industry and provide technical assistance in bringing their products to market.

My work life and personal life are intertwined and most of my hobbies involve food, cooking and attending trade shows and conferences all over the U.S.