Gretchen Lynn George, Ph.D.

President Elect - Nutrition Education & Behavior Science (NE &BS) Interest Group
American Society for Nutrition
Communications Chair 2015-2017 for California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Bay Area District, Dietetic Assocation

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          My research interests are in the area of obese adolescents; psychologically, nutritionally and metabolically. I have spent the last three summers traveling to the Central Valley of California to work with a summer prevention program targeting minority, low-income overweight and obese adolescents. This program is a collaboration with a fun, free and successful summer camp. Healthy Lifestyle Fitness camp, which we assist adolescents in behavior changes associated with obesity to decrease weight, waist circumference and blood pressure. Our work is essential in targeting cardiovascular disease high risk youth over the summer months to support year round healthy changes. Before and during my doctoral education at University of California at Davis, I worked as a Research Registered Dietitian for seven years at Stanford Prevention Research Center (SPRC). At SPRC I worked on many projects over the years related to reduction of cardiovascular disease and risk through diet and lifestyle modifications with individuals and groups. My current research goal is to continue to working with summer-focused interventions including individual tailored plans for low-income families. Additionally, I am embarking upon a study collaborating within the Psychology Department looking at the relationship between divorce and obesity. The courses I teach are: DFM 655 Nutrition Communication and Education, DFM 350 Advanced Nutrition I, DFM 450 Advanced Nutrition II, DFM 451 Community Nutrition Assessment, DFM 751 Nutritional Assessment across the Lifespan, DFM 755 Seminar in Research: Human Metabolism and Nutrition.

          Outside of work, I love exploring all the excellent restaurants (including my own kitchen!), farmers markets, mountains and bike trails the Bay Area has to offer. I love to backpack in Sierras, and hope to do lots of this in the upcoming months.